I was wondering how to start first blog entry and I think the best gonna be just to say who we are? So, we are passionate of handmade, luxury and beautiful products made out of love by our artists and factory. 100% nature product made from ceramics, linen, crystal glass and stone tables. All our products have been made only in Europe and they are in 100% save to use, they are free from any toxic and allergy free. We are online shop with those all products which please visit at any time via this link: https://urbanehouse.co.uk/ . Today we just started our journey on blog as well. For our new clients which will came to visit our online shop we have special offer – 5% discount of our beautiful napkins 40cm x 40cm size in amazing colours, all just waiting specially for you, but please remember this offer will be expired on September 15th. Please remember this in only beginning… https://urbanehouse.co.uk/napkins-and-placemats/napkins.html